Silva GR

A recreation hub unlike any other

COMING February 2025

Welcome to SILVA: Grand Rapids’ one-of-a-kind haven for revelry, play, and the extraordinary. Housed within the storied walls of the Berkey & Gay Furniture factory, Silva beckons those who seek the allure of yesteryear’s charm with a dash of eccentricity.

Something For Everyone


SILVA is not just a restaurant; it’s an adventure – and our menu reflects that! Each dish is a showcase of culinary craftsmanship prepared to deliver a satisfying and authentic experience.


From bocce and darts to puzzles and curated events, Silva is your playground for unbridled fun and nostalgia. Delight in the thrill of competition or simply bask in the joy of play.



Prepare for a spectacle like never before. Our 1400-person venue will host a variety of music, theater, and other entertainment – including SILVA’s own Silva Spoon Variety Show.

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